Social Media Can Ruin Your Settlement

After you have been involved in a car crash, it is natural for an individual to share their experiences.

Posting pictures and videos online of your damaged vehicle, bumps, bruises and any other damages “post accident” are common, but sometimes this can be your downfall. Due to a large amount of fraud going on in the insurance industry, companies will hire their own in house private investigators to check in on your open claim.

Here are 3 reasons why social media can ruin your claim

Posting pictures that contradict your personal injury claim.

During a Rideshare accident personal injury case, posting pictures of your daily activities can sometimes be a big “no-no” when it comes to getting the settlement you deserve.

Insurance companies will do whatever it takes to prove that you are able to work and your claim is not as bad as you make it seem. Adjusters will use photos against you as evidence to deny your accident claim.

Location Tracking

Checking in on facebook, instagram and other social media platforms showing that you are attending certain events that go against you being injured and unable to work.

An example of a place that you could check in at would be a 5k run in your local city. Even if you were a spectator, an insurance adjuster could use that as evidence to deny your claim. Stay smart and just stay away from any physical activities if you have been injured in a car accident.

Hurtful comments left from your friends and family.

More than often, family members and friends will “play” around on your social media posts and say things that they don’t truly mean. Such as, “I always tell you not to drive so fast on the freeway” or “You need to stop using snapchat when you drive”. Even if these comments are said jokingly, an insurance adjuster could use this in court against your claim.

How Rideshare Accident Law Riverside Personal Injury Attorney Services Can Help You.

With Rideshare Accident Law, we want to make sure that your online identity is safe and your accident claim cannot be denied due to pictures and posts on social media. Trust us when we tell you to stay offline while your case is open.

Other measures could be turning your profiles to private that way only your friends can see posts and even delete posts from the past.

If you have been involved in a Rideshare accident in the city of Riverside or California, reach out to Rideshare Accident Law Personal Injury Attorney Services today. We will help you with your claim from start to finish, making sure you don’t post anything damaging online.

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