Should I Accept a Quick Settlement?

When you are involved in a Rideshare Accident, the insurance company that is covering your damages will always try to pay you out as little as possible. (In most cases they will do whatever it takes to not pay you a dime and prove that you are at fault).

After you file for a Riverside, ca Rideshare accident personal injury case against an insurance company, claim adjusters will do whatever it takes to pay you as little as possible (sometimes even shoot for denying your claim as a whole). You have rights and a first offer isn’t always your best offer. Quick settlements won’t last very long, especially if your injuries require you to see a doctor years down the road.

1st Offer
Your first offer will be a very low one, so be prepared. These offers are put together by a claims adjuster, their main job is to pay you out as little as possible.

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As a general rule, you can settle any rideshare accident personal injury case very quickly as long as you know that you will not receive that much money.  It’s just a quick offer/settlement, remember that.